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Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Watoto

Finally on African soil ... simply amazing and unbelievable! My heart is happy - a dream come true. The sights, sounds and smells are an assortment of sensory delights - foreign, breathtaking, strange, overwhelming and intoxicating all at once. 

Yesterday we made our first visit to the babies home called ‘The Bulrushes’ and simply fell in love. They were so adorable, clamouring to sit on our laps. All of eighteen months and so determined for a bit of loving. My heart is blissfully happy. So much hope here!

Makes my heart melt

The babies home was opened early in 2007, to give loving care to abandoned and rejected babies. They care for premature babies (some no more than a kilo!!) right up to toddlers, receiving babies found on rubbish heaps, in trash cans or abandoned in hospitals and police stations. 

Watoto has such a high regard here and I feel so privileged to part of this amazing organisation. This is a home where Gods littlest children find acceptance and unconditional love and it really does show on their little faces. When these babies are walking and old enough to enter a Watoto Children's Village, they continue their journey to become Uganda's next generation of leaders. They will join a family and in some cases connect with their own siblings. 

Snack time
Play area
Cot room
baby alexs story

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Hannah said...

Nice to see some pictures! I'm headed there in Feburary 2014 for 3 months :)

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