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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Single Parent Life - Lessons from a single mother.

Lessons learnt in the art of living a full, purposeful and wonderful life.

 1. When you find yourself at the bottom, there is comfort in knowing that the only way left open is up. When there is nowhere else to go, you might as well start climbing.
2.  Miracles occur when we are desperate enough to believe. Wonderful things happen when nothing is all that you have. 
3.  The reality of life must not contain you - It is not the barometer that defines you. Life is but a stepping-stone over the bridge of destiny. 
4. Self-pity is underrated and regret a waste of time. Release yourself from the rewind and pause - Just press forward! 
5. Hope is around the corner and freedom is on the horizon - Get up and walk to it! 
6. Never measure yourself by earthly standards…. I do not see what I have lost - I see what I have left. 
7. Do not compare yourself to others - something unique will be lost. 
8. Seeds of purpose and destiny were deposited long ago.  They can never be stripped away. 
9.  Hope feels better than joy … it is an anchor for the soul.  
10.  Strength, faith and courage come from eyeballing doubt and looking fear straight in the face. Allow your soul to live wildly resplendent and free. 
      11. The most important things in life are really not things at all.  So live in the light of eternity. 
      12. When one is advancing - retreat is far away. 
      13.  Life is not about having things – it is about doing things. 
      14. Passion must be stirred up, it is not an ever present longing or desire. It is something we must choose to do and something we should wish to embrace. 
      15. Before the commencement of every dream is a period of restlessness. Permit your spirit to sing aloud to the rhythms of heaven. 
      16. When in doubt … just dance!

© copyright k.weight 2010 

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Word of Hope

"May none of us be content with the safety of our children alone but instead grow in the understanding that all the children of this earth are our charge. Let none of us believe that our role is inconsequential." – Lisa Bevere.

The lost and at risk children of this world are not only the countless orphans around the world living in poverty but also the abandoned, rejected and hurting children in our schools, churches and neighbourhoods. Whether we feel the call to tend these concerns in the uttermost regions of the earth or in our own backyard, children everywhere are in need of love, acceptance and hope. There are children who are not only geographically displaced but also those who are spiritually, physically and emotionally displaced in our immediate world. I have had the privilege of bringing hope to abandoned and displaced children in Uganda but am also very aware of the hope needed for the children in our society who have reason to feel utter hopelessness due to situations and circumstances beyond their control. My personal circumstances included. I have learnt that through the broken strings of my own humanity that I have a story and a message of hope, as do you. Each of us has a voice that can ignite and illuminate a resounding sound of unquestionable significance in the life of another. We have an irreversible, substantial and momentous role to play for this coming generation. 

* I believe that broken hearts can mend and that what was once lost can still be found.
* I believe that within every young person is limitless possibilities and unequivocal potential.
* I believe that an extraordinary and exceptional future lies in the hearts and minds of our children.
* I believe that our ultimate, defining and momentous dreams should exist beyond the restraints of humanity.

What if 
 fear didn’t intimidate you!
What if 
you took the limits off!
What if 
 you freed a dream, 
could ignite passion, 
inspire expectancy 
or illuminate destiny!
Would you?

May we never underestimate the power of a kind word in the life of a young person. Let our words be generous, liberal, considerate, benevolent and magnanimous. May we offer words straight from the heart  - words that bring healing and hope. Perhaps your words will heal brokenness, water a hibernating seed deep within, spark significance, unleash freedom and deposit everlasting hope. 

For all the sons and daughters.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working on 'whatever'

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, whatever is excellent, whatever is praiseworthy, think on these things. 

Lately I have been contemplating the whatever moment. 'Whatever' is an interesting word depending on how you say it and where you place the emphasis. It can be taken to mean "so what" like who cares but I rather like thinking of this word in terms of whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to be true, whatever it takes to be noble, whatever it takes to be pure, whatever it takes to be lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. 

I recently travelled to Uganda as part of a global team, volunteering for two weeks at baby Watoto. While over there I had opportunity to think on these things and put all of this into practice. As our plane began its decent I was overcome with emotion.  I was finally achieving a long held dream. I was sharing this journey with two friends and a team of six other girls from around the world. It had been a long and arduous road. We had fundraised for much of the year and been thoroughly consumed with preparing for this trip. Multiple vaccinations had been taken, families sorted, bags packed and plans set in motion. My dream was about to come true. 

Upon disembarking from the plane I walked down the steps with a sense of exhilaration and purpose. Coming to the last step I jumped onto the tarmac with both feet landing firmly on African soil. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. My ' Whatever is Admirable' moment was in full swing. I was completely enamoured and inspired by this beautiful country and was lapping up the EXTRA - ORDINARY sights, sounds and smells not to mention the thoughts, feelings and emotions swirling around within. A paradigm shift was about to begin.

While in Uganda I had the privilege of visiting 3 babies homes and 3 Watoto Children’s' Villages. Each babies home has four babies being cared for by one nanny and in the children's villages they have 8 children living in a small 3 bedroom house with a Watoto village mother. Watoto does an exceptional job of rescuing, rebuilding and raising up the next generation of Ugandan leaders. It was an honour to partner with this organization and extend the hand of kindness to the orphans and vulnerable women of Uganda. I shall never be the same.  A heart change has taken place.

Practicing "My whatever is Noble' and 'Right' opportunities were pure delight.  Being concerned with matters of dignity and justice has been my mission for some time now and bringing a just and favourable response to all that I said and did flowed easily. Some of my most significant memories doing this were in the small unexpected moments, in particular encouraging the nanny's who looked after the babies with words of affirmation, championing them on in their endeavours and my favourite - taking photos of the nanny's with their babies and telling them how beautiful they were. I loved the shy smiles that this would bring to their faces.  My spirit sang aloud its vibrant and ardent song.

Working on the 'True' aspects of this verse were somewhat challenging however as I smiled when I felt like frowning,  held my tongue when I wished to say more and offered thoughtfulness to frustrating situations. To be real, genuine and authentic in every interaction requires one to press the pause button ... Stop, think, act and then move forward. I felt somewhat stretched but know that there is growth in the stretch. Not concerned with the stretch marks across my soul.

Outworking my 'Lovely' aspirations meant purposeful choices to live graciously and delightfully while choosing to see joy and beauty in the unexpected ... both the good and the bad. This can sometimes be breathtaking (literally). Don't you just love how God uses the humanity of others to mould, scrape and shape your character? Suffice to say there were times that I felt like a little piece of clay and being 'Pure' (absolute, straightforward and unaffected) in all circumstances was somewhat of a challenge.

Just a few challenges.

1. Upon arrival at the airport we were rudely treated by a group of passengers attempting to beat us to customs. Bumping into my heels with the luggage trolley three times is not an accident. Ow!!!

2. One of the babies experienced serious heat stroke and went into full body convulsions while out on a walk. Fortunately we were nearing the compound gate and we were able to rush the baby down the driveway to get immediate medical attention.  A rather scary moment as the bub was pulled from the stroller to receive life saving support. Life is so fragile.

3. A mad dash for the plane due to a lack of announcements and final calls for passengers being made at the airport. We suddenly hear that our flight out of Dubai is about to close ... What!!!!! We rush to customs and are ushered through a side room. The sprint is on. As I make it through the x-ray machines in record time (thanks to some careful line negotiation better known as jumping the queue.) I mouth to my friend that I’ll run on ahead and flag down the plane. I wish that at this stage I could say that super human strength propelled me forward but alas I would be lying. As I streaked ahead, hyperventilation took over, heart palpitations increased and the adrenalin kicked in. (Adrenalin always gives me the shakes) Dizziness ensured as I sucked in the air for my pathetically gasping lungs. Feeling somewhat breathless and faint I arrived at the departure lounge completely and utterly out of breath only to discover that the plane was not about to taxi down the runway as we had been informed. But too late - my body was now way out of control.  As I gasped dramatically for air, my brain struggling for oxygen. All I can get out to the concerned attendants is “Don’t leave without my friends”… which I repeat a number of times like a stuck record … just in case they do not understand me. I can tell they are not impressed. Their faces say it all. I am politely but firmly restrained with their words and facial expressions. They inform me politely but firmly, that I must sit down to recover from my breathlessness. I seriously feel like saying ‘Whatever!’ but with a lot of attitude. Now, I’m concerned I might not get on the plane in my disheveled state. Aaaahhhhh!!!!! Eventually we board the plane. I am now acutely aware of how unfit I really am and decide I could do with a whole body makeover – heart, soul and body too!

I am so thankful (My 'Praiseworthy' moment) to have been able to exceed and go above and beyond what I know and to relish the applaudable, commendable and laudable moments of life. I am richer for the experiences in Africa, having lifted the lid on my own self imposed restrictions and having broken free of smokescreens, illusions and things that might limit me. I pushed through fears, worries and concerns. I have chosen to not live small, contained or hemmed in ... how about you?

 “Limits exist only in the mind” ~ Author unknown.

To be concerned with matters of dignity and justice, to be enamoured by what is inspiring and different, to exceed and go above and beyond what I know and to bring a just and favourable response to those thoughts, ideals and circumstances. What and honour and privilege!

To live graciously and delightfully,  seeing joy and beauty in the unexpected and relish the applaudable, commendable and laudable moments of life. What an amazing life we get to live!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guest Post over at 'Every [1] Matters'

Thanks to the lovely Joni over at 'Every [1] Matters' for the privilege of being her guest post today. This post continues nutting out my 90 day challenge to do 'Whatever it takes'. My journey towards walking purposefully and significantly wherever and whenever. 'Whatever' is an interesting word depending on how you say it and where you place the emphasis. It can be taken to mean "so what" like who cares but I rather like thinking of this word in terms of whatever it takes to be true, whatever it takes to be noble, whatever it takes to be pure, whatever it takes to be lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

To check out this post go to Every[1]Matters

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