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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Single Parent Life - Lessons from a single mother.

Lessons learnt in the art of living a full, purposeful and wonderful life.

 1. When you find yourself at the bottom, there is comfort in knowing that the only way left open is up. When there is nowhere else to go, you might as well start climbing.
2.  Miracles occur when we are desperate enough to believe. Wonderful things happen when nothing is all that you have. 
3.  The reality of life must not contain you - It is not the barometer that defines you. Life is but a stepping-stone over the bridge of destiny. 
4. Self-pity is underrated and regret a waste of time. Release yourself from the rewind and pause - Just press forward! 
5. Hope is around the corner and freedom is on the horizon - Get up and walk to it! 
6. Never measure yourself by earthly standards…. I do not see what I have lost - I see what I have left. 
7. Do not compare yourself to others - something unique will be lost. 
8. Seeds of purpose and destiny were deposited long ago.  They can never be stripped away. 
9.  Hope feels better than joy … it is an anchor for the soul.  
10.  Strength, faith and courage come from eyeballing doubt and looking fear straight in the face. Allow your soul to live wildly resplendent and free. 
      11. The most important things in life are really not things at all.  So live in the light of eternity. 
      12. When one is advancing - retreat is far away. 
      13.  Life is not about having things – it is about doing things. 
      14. Passion must be stirred up, it is not an ever present longing or desire. It is something we must choose to do and something we should wish to embrace. 
      15. Before the commencement of every dream is a period of restlessness. Permit your spirit to sing aloud to the rhythms of heaven. 
      16. When in doubt … just dance!

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