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Friday, March 25, 2011

Colourful Memories

Reflections of Colour Conference 2011

a few thoughts from conference....

* Jeannie Mayo
- "It's not what you do that makes your work sacred, it's why you do it!" - A Tozer.
- While living in a world of half-heartedness dare to live with passion....."The difference between passion and hype is that passion is energy of the soul and hype is energy without sincerity."
- Find something worth dying for.......Isaiah 55:12 "I will not offer to the Lord that which costs me nothing." (a thought from Martin Luther King - "If a man is not willing to die for a cause then he is not fit to live.")
- Endurance....."A diamond is just a hunk of coal that stuck to its goal and made good under pressure."

Love this thought about diamonds ... I have contemplated this very thought before and some time back thought about the fact that it is not until a diamond is cut in a myriad of ways that its true brilliance is revealed for all to see. Wow, the cuts and abrasions of life can reveal so much more about what is hidden beneath the vulnerability of the soul. It is actually possible that the messy details of my life ... the parts I don't like, the parts I wish to erase, the story I didn't want and the story I continue to leaf through can actually serve to reveal the shining magnificence of a merciful and loving God.

'Be Her Freedom' wall

* Craig Groeshell
- We are God's masterpiece......created for the masters purpose.
- You have everything already inside of you to accomplish your specific assignment.
- God uses everything in your life to bring about his purposes. Romans 8:28 - 'All things work together for good to those who love him and have been called according to his purposes.'
- Step through your greatest fear. "What you fear reveals what you value most and what you fear most reveals where you trust God the least."

An aha moment ... This one took me by surprise. Fear is the absence of faith! Could it really be true that what I passionately value most of all could also be where I trust God the least? ... the world stood still just for a moment. As a Mother I have always felt the full responsibility of the beautiful lives entrusted to me. My heart has always been to lead and guide my children along the path of life into the loving and open arms of a gracious and loving heavenly Father. As I watch my children grow and become the amazing individuals that they are ... I wonder and hope that they will passionately follow God as I do. I hope that they will walk into His embrace and not away. 

I hope that our single familyness does not scar too deeply. 
I hope that teenage pressures do not become overwhelming. 
I dare not contemplate the 'What ifs!' ... and there it is!
 I suddenly realized that I was not fully trusting my gracious and loving heavenly Father to do the leading and guiding. 
Did I really think it was my responsibility alone? 
Had I forgotten that he had their best interests at heart all along. 
He who formed and created them so intricately inside the womb. 
Why did it rest so heavily upon my soul? 
Was it possible that in the absence of complete and absolute trust 
a fear was now revealed?

My daughter.....time is passing way too quickly.

*Lisa Bevere
- The world is begging for you to be a hero - its in our DNA.
- A feminine heart brings solution and answers to the earth. It compliments and brings unity.
- Well behaved women rarely make history.....i.e Rahab, Esther, Ruth, Deborah and Jael....women who were not confined or defined by custom, religion, the law or man's expectations.

Jael strikes me as particularly shocking and fearless. So what makes a tent dwelling Kenite women strike a blow for the freedom of the Israelites from Canaanite oppression? (a story of intrigue, murder and betrayal ...the story of one women triumphing over an invincible and oppressive terror..... really worth a read. Judges 4:1-22)

* Christine Caine
- We are not a product of time, we are a product of eternity.
- The spiritual tectonic plates have shifted.... time to step up!
- Doubt will die unborn if it is never spoken.

I love that we are a product of eternity. We are not destined for this earth but are just passing through. We are here on assignment with a purpose, mission and mandate from a heavenly realm. So good!

Colour smiles

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