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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Of late I have had the opportunity to read some breathtakingly beautiful stories within this blogosphere. Stories of hope and loss, of pain and triumph ... stories that are truly inspirational. Ordinary people living extraordinarily. Just today I read one such story. A story of pain, and loss and letting go. A story that despite the circumstances is finding healing and hope, even in the dark and lonely places of the soul, a significant discovery is being made. HE is there, with us ... ALWAYS! and even the deep recesses of our soul. That place hidden away from the world, where no one else can go ... He is there!

I know this because I have been there too, completely and utterly broken. It is when we are alone in the darkness, in the confines of our own dark and oppressive tomb ... when its just us and God and the shattered remnants of displaced dreams, when we have given up, let go and put to rest all that we hold dear. Its then that he stirs within the darkness. Yes, he meets us in in this place. In this place between hope and despair, between life and death. And its here in this deathly quiet place that he breathes life, he rolls away that great big stone of heaviness pressed tight against our soul and opens the way to life and freedom, to a hope and a future and to so much more. It is in this space and sometimes only in this place that we can arise changed, transformed and fully alive like never before.

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Jami said...

It's so true that He meets us where we are. He's so gracious.

Anonymous said...

It is so true, I love the way that God fashions treasure from our brokenness and pain. He truly is the master creator. Your words are beautiful, and your page 'Heart Break' is also the story of my own heart's journey.. It has blessed me to read it. Thank you for your vulnerability, and authenticity.

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