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Friday, April 1, 2011

Finding the Joy...and moments of bliss

Finding the joy and moments of 
is all about 
celebrating the ordinary 
the extraordinary 
in the everyday, 
it is 
purposeful, intentional and delightful
those moments that might otherwise slip by
unnoticed and forever forgotten
will be remembered

* My 'Cambodian silver' NECKLACE 

bought this week to support

* new SHOES

* watching my daughter try to walk in these same shoes

* the feeling of AWE knowing my baby girl 


very grown up!

* working on my JOURNAL

a mother's legacy

in her own words

* relaxing 

with a cup of KENYAN tea

* a BBQ lunch with family

 * the BEACH in a jar

* a great night out with GIRLFRIENDS

* loving TIME to connect

* the sweet LAUGHTER of my beautiful girl

- feeling happy -

* my SON relaxing  

in the backyard swing.

- Feeling love -

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