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Friday, April 22, 2011

For freedom

'Humanities freedom requires sacrifice' ... These were the words that penetrated my heart today.

It made me think ... freedom can only be experienced through the release or relinquish of something - release from bondage, imprisonment or captivity; through the relinquish of fear, doubt and unbelief. A sacrifice requires  the offering up of something and a total surrender so freedom can be qualified. Restitution and redemption is given. This kind of exchange usually involves great personal cost, perhaps distress for another ... personal suffering ... or the facing of adversity on behalf of the captive, the lost and alone. It is given, exchanged and exacted because of a solid, firm and unyielding love ... 
The hard love - a love beyond comprehension.

Let us remember this Easter weekend -
It was for freedom that we have been set free.
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