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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Going the distance

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On Distance

So here I go....

Personally I am not a fan of traveling long distances..., yesterday I packed the kids up in the car to visit a friend  who lives two hours away. A drive so worth going the distance. The problem was that today I was traveling tired ... so, we had ourselves a merry little adventure. We missed a turn off which set us back about 15 mins by the time we finally worked out how to get back across the highway. Then, some how we missed the short cut and found ourselves driving the long way around and through a quaint little coastal town. I think I added 50 minutes to our trip. Hhmmm ... What I have learnt from this little life lesson is that to be fully alert for the unexpected one must be well prepared (in my case I should have gone to bed earlier the night before) ... for those who know me they may find this story amusing, knowing that I pride myself on my keen spatial awareness and good sense of direction (I even enjoy the challenge of reading a map!!) Well, yesterday I got so lost it threw me. Let me conclude with this little thought 'If we want to go the distance in life we must be prepared for the journey ... fully awake and alert ... and ready for anything!'

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Shayne said...

Traveling tired makes the journey so much longer---even without the unintended "short cut"! Glad you made it to your destination safely.
It always makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who makes a navigational error from time to time. Sometimes, the best roads are the ones we don't plan ahead of time to take.
Thanks for sharing today. :)

Kateri said...

Minus the children, that sounds exactly like something I would do. Can be so fustrating. But sometimes you find the neatest things when you get lost or accidentally take the long way...

Chrystal's Corner said...

I love long road trips...but with 3 little ones that is kind of on hold. Not only does it seem like you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink but you also have to stop every 10 minutes! Sometimes those unintended detours can turn out to be the best part of the trip. Although when you are tired and ready to be home, it can feel anything but enjoyable!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Be prepared for the journey - such great advice. Travelling tired always makes the journey longer.

Lindsey said...

I love this!!! I'm your newest follower and I'd love it if you came and followed me back! My husband and I just announced our adoption journey. :)


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