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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Soul Soiree

Acholi Mother and baby

Lately I have been getting a little creative and even started an art blog. It has been years since I got really serious about drawing and finding the time was just a whole 'nother' issue. Having come back from Uganda at the end of last year I wondered how I could continue to tell the story of Uganda and its people and at the same time use what was in my hand!
and so after a bit of sketching one day
(very thankful for holidays!)
a 'Soul Soiree' was born.

A soul soiree is a gathering of creative potential, it is an intentional and significant message wrapped in creative form. It is an artistic story of the magnificence (and the vulnerable moments) of life woven into a delightful tapestry of colour, light, vibrancy and delight.  My heart was ‘forever changed’ when I heard the story of the child soldiers in Uganda. In 2010 I visited Uganda and embraced the abandoned, abducted and rejected women and children of a rebel war. I was inspired to create artwork that tells a story for the lost, the captive, the broken hearted, the suffering, the hurting and alone. It is a message and mandate full of purpose and destiny.

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