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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Take a moment

In the busyness of life

I am taking a few moments

to pause, breathe and exhale.

Taking time to 

celebrate, capture and cherish 

the beauty in the everyday

- living inspired by the beauty of life.


moments this week

* enjoying quiet contemplation

* a gentle meandering

* an afternoon at the beach

* sitting on the rocks

* the sun, the surf and 

* sand between the toes

* watching the world pass by

* a 'Soul Sista' retreat

* a beautiful day with friends

 * new jewellery designs

* our jewellery advertised at Docica online magazine

* raising funds for global endeavours

* opportunity clothed in favour and grace.

'living destined, devoted and daring'

linking up with 
friday favorite things | finding joy

capture, celebrate, cherish

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marlece said...

I love the beach this is where you can find where the world slows down a bit so that you can think. Looks to be a great time.

The jewelry? Wow it is gorgeous! I think I will check into it.

Ray said...

The first shot is beautiful!

Faith Imagined said...

Beautiful post! I love all the pictures!

Rachel said...

That bridge picture is my favorite! And totally where you would find me. :)

Lovely pictures -- and thank you for linking up with {friday} favorites. And thank you even more for the opportunity to write and share my heart.


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