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Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspire me - Colour Sisterhood

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Walk for Freedom

One Love

One Heart

One Sisterhood

At Colour Conference this year we were given the little black t -shirt above as a gift. This month the Colour Sisterhood is focusing on walking for freedom. The Colour Sisterhood's initiative 'Be her Freedom' was birthed out of the Sisterhood's desire and mandate to place value upon womanhood.


because the crime of human trafficking cannot be ignored! The Colour Sisterhood is aligning with The A21 Campaign in raising awareness, rehabilitating rescued victims and changing legislation.

Because ...

Over 400, 000 Ukranian women between the ages of 15 and 27 have been trafficked in the past decade.

99% of victims are never ever rescued.

Estimates suggest that up to 27 million people are held in slavery worldwide.

Hard to imagine! ..... READ MORE here.

The A21 Campaign has developed a comprehensive prevention and awareness program which they want to roll out in the Ukraine to bring freedom to girls abducted and taken from their homes and communities. The program hopes to become established in high schools, universities and community centres, to ensure the next generation is aware and equipped to confront the risk of human trafficking.


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