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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a mysterious yearning ...

There is a restlessness in my soul,
a stirring so deep
it will NOT let me go.
A persistence which pursues me,
a longing so wide
and completely expansive.
An unyielding chase
is upon me,
this mysterious yearning for more. 
More of what? 
More hope and more purpose!
More of life!

A longing
 to not spend life 
on empty pursuits 
or trivial diversions. 
But rather 
to live uncontained, 
and unrestrained.
A longing for
a life 
of eternal significance.

A life utterly abandoned...
destined, devoted and daring.
I long to
sing a song of destiny
and dance to 
the rhythms of
a heavenly sound.

capture, celebrate, cherish

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