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Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking a moment

In the busyness of life

I am taking a moment

- to pause, breathe and exhale

- to celebrate, capture and cherish

the beauty in the everyday.

.... living inspired by the beauty of life.


...a morning spent at Sea World
... V.I.P passes
... feeling like a child again,
there's nothing quite like screaming
on a roller coaster!

... breathing in salty air
... the smell of churros -
sweet, hot, sugary goodness.

... being inspired by nature
... dolphins - AMAZING, really!

... Mother and son time
... no queues
... tension slipping away

... celebrating a birthday
loved this yummy banoff cake!
... banana's, caramel and cream :)
... chai lattes

... afternoon tea with these girls
... smiles, laughter and fun

... an evening with friends
... a change of direction
... hope on the horizon.

capture, celebrate, cherish
friday favorite things | finding joy

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Nicole Watson said...

Delicious is every sense. Those roses have such vibrant shades of colour. Look at the yellow on the pale ones! Wonderful company and look at that cake (we call it a caramel and banana tart).

xx Nicole

melody-mae said...

That banana, carmel pie...OH MY!!!
I love your list of things to celebrate!!! Lots of fun!
I will be back to link up! :) Hugs and love to you!

Ryan and Melanie said...

It looks as though you're having a lovely time! That pie looks amazing.

Blessings to you,

Shanda said...

Family times are wonderful. My son is coming home tonight from college and I haven't seen him since Christmas. No matter how old they get, it is still fun do hang out with them.

Rachel said...

That pie looks amazing. I think that perhaps some day we will have to figure out how to do lunch. :)

And I do love family times. Love.

Thanks for the link-up!

Nessa said...

Oh man what a great pie! Love the "a change of direction... hope on the horizon."

the lowes said...

such a fun time and mmmmmm that pie looks delish!

Sarah B. said...

What an awesome time! I love Sea World :)

(Popping over from the wiegands!)

Chloe said...

Sea World is my favorite! And that cake looks DELICIOUS.

Sara said...

I love the first picture! Beautiful!

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