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Thursday, July 21, 2011

an inspiring thought

Where would your heart take you?

What adventure would you embark upon, what story would you write? .... what would you do?

You know that great big ole dream inside of you?
The one hidden deep within,
buried safely over the passages of time.
The one that comes to mind
when your alone...
the one that drifts back
from your subconscious
and reverberates throughout your mind.
That big magnificent dream
that whispers to you of so much more.
The one that scares you half to death!
Yep, that one that you think is just that - a dream!

Well its not!
Life is too short to worry about it
or the yesterdays, tomorrows or maybe's.
Stop wondering and just get out there,
now, I tell you.
Just do it!

Take hold of that God dream,
don't waste one more minute
of that special gift you were born with.
Begin the job only you can do.
You were born for this moment,
.... this time in history!

I hope you have enjoyed the 'Inspire me' series over the last few weeks. It has been a lot of fun. The 'Inspire me' series is now on hiatus. We are taking a break ~ looking forward to the next inspiring project. Ciao for now.

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