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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweetness for the soul ...

'Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.' .... this thought from Proverbs is why I started blogging. Fifteen months on, I still feel the same. I believe that a kind word  has the potential to bring healing and wholeness to a weary soul. That it can open up the heart and soothe the soul. 

Pleasant, kind and gracious words are sweet, delicious and delightful. They embrace, console, relieve and heal. Intentional words of grace, hope and purpose are food for the inner part of us, giving life sustaining energy to our core. These kind of words have creative power and can change mindsets, bring hope and give new direction. The body requires energy to function and grow and it is sugar  that provides this energy to the body. Without this energy our body becomes listless and lethargic. So to our soul without the sweetness of life giving words becomes silent and despondent. It fails to thrive…..we fail to rise.

Intentional means to purpose and plan concentrated and deliberate attention. With this thought in mind I want to ensure that my words are intentional and that I extend words that grow (put out shoots) into the very heart and soul of those in my world. 

A healthy soul needs to be fed invigorating and refreshing words in order for it to successfully prosper and grow. As parents we are required to feed life-sustaining words into the very heart and soul of our children. As spouses we can grow the heart and soul of our loved one through a concentrated, deliberate and gracious word. As a friend we can purpose to offer heart and soul words into our relationships. 

I want to make sure my words are:
Pleasant – satisfying, agreeable and enjoyable.
Kind – indulgent, considerate and helpful.
Gracious – benevolent, courteous, merciful and compassionate.

What intentional message will you give today? 
How are you generous with your words?

This is why I post here.

destined, devoted, daring

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