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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gazing out to sea

One of life's simple pleasures is 
gazing out to sea and contemplating life, 
being swept up in the wildness of the ocean,
feeling the enveloping and permeating presence of more.
Knowing that there is something more significant out there,
that life is magnificent, wonderful and there for the taking.

capture, celebrate, cherish

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Gayle said...

Yes...truly wonderful. Love the blue of the ocean and the picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more. Just check out my page and you'll see. LOVE to get lost at sea. ;) Loving this simple pleasure.

Nicole Watson said...

Totally :) The sea is so vast it always reminds me of the limitless God we serve. x

Lynn said...

I love nature in all of it's differences. I love to watch the tide ebb and flow on the beach. Watching any body of water is calming and introspective for me. Lovely picture. Blessings on your week.

MAG DURU said...

a bundle of thanks for your love,patience and support. God bless you heavenly.

Patti said...

HI, I'm visiting from Simple Pleasures. This is my first visit to your blog.

I love your photo, and I so agree with you about the ocean. I LOVE it. For years, I lived within about 30 minutes of the coast. Now, sadly, I'm in a landlocked state...and really missing the ocean.


starla said...

I love the picture!! May we be swallowed whole by the ocean of God's love!

Sue said...

WoW! so beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.

Pamela said...

Beautiful picture! There's nothing quite so relaxing for than the sea. It's very vastness and power does make one feel there's more -- and there is!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! It's hard not to think and just be in the moment when sitting at the sea. :)

Barb said...

How lovely your picture of the sea is. A calm, blue sea always makes me think of God and peacefulness.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Dayle said...

I so agree. The sea is one of my favorite places to be, and there is just something about its effect on my spirit that I can't find anywhere else. A wonderful simple pleasure for sure.

Nelson said...

Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts(beautiful picture). Congratulations for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at http://nelsonsouzza.blogspot.com
Thanks for sharing!

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