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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain Falling

The rain is falling outside. I love this quiet falling rain, its gentle soothing sound where tranquility abounds. Mesmerised by the rivulets of water streaming down the window, I am lulled into a state of reflective contemplation. My mind wanders down a well trodden path of inner observations as I carefully consider, thoughtfully examine and intentionally muse upon the life that continues to expand and widen before me. A graciously redeemed and heaven bought life. I take this moment to cast light upon my innermost thoughts, my deepest feelings and secret longings. I open the recesses of my heart and delve deep. I go past recent hurts and on through the pain of yesterdays .... pushing through the long ago aches of years gone by. I arrive at the securely guarded gates of my heart.

It seems a little overgrown .... a few cares have got in the way. Gently I brush the surface of the gate and cast the cares aside. I step through its arc and walk up the worn and deserted path. I can make out the imprints of a heavily ridged shoe edged into the dirt. I muse about who may have gone before me? Who's shoe walked this path I now tread? Arriving at the door to my heart, I lean heavily upon the wooden expanse. Pausing for a moment I take in a deep breath and give the door a gentle push, expecting it to slowly open. It does not! Curiously I peek into the key hole where dust and dirt remain. I can see nothing. I jiggle the handles expecting this action to bring a creaky release. With greater determination I lean in and heave with all of my weight. The sturdy doors do not budge. It would seem that they are locked tight. 

Frustrated I flop down and survey the horizon of my soul. Its quiet here in this place, alone with my thoughts. I wonder why these gates are so secured? ....  I think about the reasons, the facts and an undeniable truth. I consult with reason and listen to sound judgement. I confront reasoning, understanding and intellect. I wonder about this place. I allow the thoughts to come and go and remain so very still in this space between hope and suspended horizons.

A glimmer of light catches my eye, its resplendent glow inches forward and creeps from beneath the door and I wonder at its brilliance. This luminescent embrace spreads out, creeps forward and encircles me. It holds me securely. I hear a voice beyond the doors and wonder at is origin, so sure and strong and full of grace. A tremble escapes my soul, a fear dissipates and is discarded. A doubt becomes dislodged. I hear a sound as gentle as falling rain begin to call my name. Slowly, very slowly the doors begin to open.


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