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Monday, August 8, 2011

Watoto Choir

Yesterday we had the privilege of seeing the Watoto Children's choir perform at our night service. This amazing choir of beautiful African children tours the world singing, dancing and sharing a message of hope. Many of the children have been orphaned or abandoned and have found a new family, life and purpose through the Watoto Program. The atrocities of war and the HIV aids virus have impacted many of Uganda's children. Watoto is rescuing, raising and rebuilding a nation by nurturing and caring for the lost children of East Africa. This story is truly inspiring.

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'Beautiful Africa - A new generation' is a dynamic, vibrant production touring late 2011 and into 2012. For more information about this new tour click here.

My adventures at Watoto

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Petunia said...

Oh my word, I actually missed them when they were in South Africa few weeks ago (they were in my home town). I'm still sad about that and very happy you got to see them :-)

starla said...

Look at there beauty-Full smiling faces...what a blessing!!!

Amy Sullivan said...

Beautiful...their colorful clothes and smiles pop from these pages.

caz1975 said...

I have never seen their choir but have heard it's awesome!!! Such a powerful and inspirational message they have to share!!!

Graceful said...

I would love to see and hear them in person. And the colorful clothes alone make me happy!

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