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Friday, September 23, 2011


Five minute Friday with the Gypsy Mama 
.... todays theme - 'Growing'.

Yesterday we planted some vegetable seeds and come Summer time we hope to have grown a few vegetables. My son decided that caring for a garden would be a great spring holiday idea. His enthusiasm is infectious. We don't have much space for doing this so it will be an interesting little adventure. He has been carefully extracting the seeds from various fruits and vegetables over the last week. It all started with an experiment he did with some grape seeds a few months ago. He had the grape seeds lying dormant in the fridge for ages and recently took them out to awaken them from their chilly slumber. 

I have to say I am most impressed ... he was over the moon when they finally sprouted at the beginning of the holidays. This week he has dissected and examined capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, peas and strawberry seeds. Today he was even harvesting kiwifruit seeds ... hmmm, I wont tell him just yet that it will take years for any fruit to materialise! It will be interesting watching my son develop patience as he lovingly tends his latest garden experiment. I love that he will learn how to carefully nurture hidden potential. 

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