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Monday, December 5, 2011

Opportunity to change

As we get older we discover that our weaknesses, failing and short comings are in fact opportunities ... opportunities to stretch, to grow and change. 

Opportunities are favourable occasions allowing us the time to exchange a belief, transform a viewpoint, adjust our thinking and revolutionize our perspective. A chance to see life from a different angle. To see what was previously hidden from sight in a new light. It is a position from which to advance, to increase and make progress from. 

Opportunities look different for everyone but they often find us catching our breath as we pause to consider the merit of such change. We calculate its purpose and dissect its relevance. We question it's validity and value - How does this change impact me and my world? What will I lose in the process? .... What might I gain? 

Opportunities require fortitude and endurance. They may prove difficult to overcome, seem insurmountable or impossible to achieve. Yet, it is these very circumstances that can bring about the greatest and most significant breakthroughs in life. We must take courage, remain steadfast, tenacious and resolute in order to overcome an opposing doubt or ever-widening obstacle standing in our way. When we do so, we discover that we are indeed braver than we ever imagined and more courageous than once thought possible.

When we are ready to act instead of react we position ourselves for forward momentum. We can genuinely embrace our short comings and embrace a new way of doing, seeing and being.

Don't let life pass you by!
Train to Palma

What would you change today?

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Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

I needed to read this today. Beautifully written. Thankyou.x

Nicole Watson said...

Thank God that He uses our short comings for His glory. If I would change something, it would be my attitude to taking life so seriously sometimes. I would like to be able to laugh more.

My Beautiful World said...

I love my visit here with you so inspiring a beautiful post thank you so much for sharing with me again. Hope you have a lovely day my friend.

Always Wendy

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