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Friday, March 30, 2012

Through the eyes of a child

What a privilege it is to teach young minds. Grade One students are so very sweet. They see things simply and in uncomplicated ways. For instance, this week I was talking with my students about stranger danger and what to do if they got lost at the shops. I asked the class "Where should you go for help if you got lost at the shops?" ... I had a few thoughtful responses and then one little girl put her hand up and confidently responded by saying "Go straight to heaven". Aahhh, love the simplicity of her thinking. 

How unpretentious, to be able to go straight to God when you need help. I imagine this little six year old could see herself doing just that, opening the door of heaven and going straight into the throne room. How often do we get lost along the path of life and attempt to find our own way instead of going straight to God? Sometimes we complicate life and rationalise, analyse and synthesise what should really be very straight forward. How often do we limit the access we actually have straight to heaven when we allow our concerns to overshadow that direct access? Thanks to a First Grader, I am reminded about how simple it really should be and am grateful for the opportunity to once again see things through the eyes of a child.

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