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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Square peg ... round hole

Have you ever felt like a square peg in a round hole?

Hhmmm ... yep, me too!

I have a penchant for seeing things differently (You too huh!!
 and not following the status quo. I don't mind rules, in fact rules are good - very good!

But, I like to question and think for myself ...  sometimes this isn't always appreciated by others, especially those who like to line their ducks all up in a row (we appreciate precision ... perfectionism is just that much harder to understand) and particularly by those who have a rather set 
(and rigid) way of seeing things. 
(Sorry, we do not do literal so well. To reject the  imagination is to take the wind out of our sails. We can and do however value the steady rhythms of the methodical and matter of  fact. Just give us time to slow down to that pace.)

Unorthodox!! ... maybe, only because we see the bigger picture. Illogical only to those whose thinking is already stuck in the rut! To analyse is to lean in, to perceive is to inhale and to discern is to exhale deeply. Besides, the greatest thinkers of all time, posed questions that challenged norms and redefined perceptions and outlooks. They changed history. 
(I wouldn't mind changing history either!)

So, why do some people feel threatened by an individual who has a different opinion or questions how and why things are done ... isn't this good, even necessary? Maybe there really is a better way. There isn't only one way of doing things, REALLY!!

Square pegs like to imagine and think of possibilities ... if you tell us it can't be done, then we  feel more inspired (maybe even challenged) because, there is a solution out there. True, it might need to be discovered. We might need to dig just a little deeper, push a little harder and go a little further. But THAT is the whole point, isn't it?

 Actually, we like taking the other route - you know, the path less travelled! The easy road isn't all that entertaining (or inspiring),
 actually it's a whole lot mind numbing!!

'Square peg thinking is important!'
It means we are open minded, optimistic and willing to bounce ideas back and forth and because we know how important thinking is to forward momentum, we will respect your opinion and value your intellect. We will not confront you to belittle your ideas, instead we will help you explore more complex issues, examine pertinent trains of thought and maybe open up a world of endless possibilities (Perhaps, that is what is so frustrating!!).

We are team players but want to know your convictions and how we can merge our ideas together. We are not conformists but that just means we are creative and can help take things forward in innovative ways, it might even be inspiring. Yes, we are leaders but love to follow a really good lead too. We are happy to follow you, wherever that takes us ... we can forge new territory together (We love to problem solve, work out the nitty gritty - the brain fires up endless neurological pathways. This is our happy  place).

So, all this to just say, that square pegs are actually good, very good. 
So love all the square pegs out there ... and don't make the round holes too difficult for us to fit into. We are quite happy to be wedged in, as long as the fit doesn't break us.

Besides, I don't think we are rally here to fit in, but to stand out!
(Don't you think?

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