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Monday, August 27, 2012

Life is like an onion

"Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.' - Carl Sandberg.

Now isn't that the truth!

Just when you think that you have skinned and peeled as much as you think is humanely possible - off comes another layer of personal vulnerability.

Sometimes bad things happen!

over time the pain is peeled away very slowly. 
Bit by bit the flesh is exposed.
 The fumes of disappointment make us cry. 
Sometimes it takes our breath away.
The heart ... our heart is carefully revealed.

when all this peeling is finished,
that fleshy part is added to a dish.
It is fried up and seasoned.

it is mixed in and combined to the other ingredients.
Delicious and unique flavours begin to emerge. 
The simmering compliments and adds to the aromas.
The taste is sensational ... you are sensational!

No matter what has happened to you 
or where you find yourself today,
there is hope ... a hope for your future. 
All your experiences make you who you are. 
Use what you have to bring out your best!
Flavour the world with the delectable you.

'The pain of change is uncomfortable for a short time, but the pain of staying the same lasts a life time.'

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bold and Brave

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Watching my children experience the ups and downs of life has brought a new revelation about learning by trial and error and the expedience of valuable life lessons. 

Life is indeed a great teacher!
A trial comes, an error is made, a lesson is learnt ... 
and in the process character is forged. This trying, testing and proving of one self during threatening winds of change can shake and intimidate.

Helping my children to navigate their own trials has helped me contemplate the significance of the storm! 

More often than not it is in the trial that we truly grow ...  a trial is an opportunity. Seriously, it is true! Trials offer us the opportunity to learn in very profound ways, lessons are learnt that might not necessarily be discovered otherwise. 

I am fully convinced of this because, I have grown through pain, heartache and loss. I wish I could say that my deepest heart change and personal growth happened during happy times or during the easy moments of my life, but it just isn't true. Pain is a great teacher, it is a lesson that leaves us marked to the core for a very long time. Somehow, in this very place we learn and grow. 

After all, if we didn’t have pain or trials, would we learn?, would we change? ...  or be motivated to change? It is in these broken places that our heart and soul seems to grow the most. 

How we face and navigate the trial is the determining factor between an opportunity lost ... or an opportunity won. The squeeze in that moment pushes us to the precipice of our vulnerabilities and fears. In that moment we can take flight or stand and fight!

Amidst the greatest trials of life, I have learned to stop running from it and turn to it. Outrunning an approaching storm is futile. 

To face the storm head on and fail to wither at its ferocity is audacious and courageous - it is bold and brave!

Entering the storm based on a deep conviction, firmly rooted in an unwavering faith changes everything. I discovered a quietness deep inside the eye of the storm, a stillness and calm of magnificent proportions - a peace of overwhelming depth and dimension. It truly transcends understanding, amazing ha! ... and it is in this place, surrounded by this All encompassing peace that brings me to my knees and fills my heart with unending gratitude.

Phil 4:6-7
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