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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Believe, Hope, Dream

Believe, hope, dream, dance in the daylight … live in the moment … laugh out loud … eat chocolate … cherish your girlfriends … breathe … sneak small moments of solitude … let no one break your spirit … love with open arms … laugh some more … believe in the amazing woman you are … never ever give up. – Lisa Pollock

These are the words scrawled across a gift that I gave my daughter as part of her graduation gift. The moment I read these words I just knew it was THE gift I had to give. The significance of the words held me fast. Having already weathered some of lifes storms and knowing how the days of life can unravel with sudden momentum and tangle us in unbelieveable knots, I wanted my girl to hold onto some thoughts that could knit together a tightly woven fabric of hope that will keep out the cold when the storms of life are threatening her horizons. I want her to know that there is a way to do life well.

A way to face life,
A way to hold on.
A way to cherish this life,
however it unfolds!

To believe … hope … dream,

To dance in the daylight,
to celebrate life.

To laugh out loud,
to cherish the little things.

To let no one break her spirit,
to remain unaffected.

To love with open arms,
to embrace wholeheartedly.

To never ever give up,
to fight for what she believes in!

     to celebrate everything that truly makes living this amazing life, beautiful!

As my daughter begins to journey out her own life, (separate from mine, aahh!!)my mothers heart longs for her to do well and to hold fast to what is true … to navigate this life, her life with blessed assurance. I want her believe that anything truly is possible, to hold fast to an unwavering hope (for it really is an anchor for the soul) and to dream big for it is in dreaming that we give permission for the hidden things deep inside to be breathtakingly revealed on the outside.
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