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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wholly intentional, holy purposeful!

The bearer of a faith seed begins a journey that seems too impossible! 

It is hard to live by faith and not by sight! Our senses define our humanness, we learn everything through these experiences, are nothing without them. Then faith tells us to lay aside all that we know to be humanly possible. It requires us to embrace the invisible and intangible, a realm outside of our earthly parameters and understanding. 

And then faith demands that we leap.

It seems impossible, seems beyond us, seems unattainable! Faith requires us to step into unknowns, after all - nothing ventured, nothing gained. An open ear and closed eyes keep me present, aware and alert. It is easier to hear the voice of wisdom when we are still, closed eyes stop distractions. Closing our eyes lowers the lid on what seems impossible. We close the window of our temporal world and stop seeing impossibilities. Instead we are transported across time and space, we begin to see possibilities. We imagine, dream and see differently. We begin to see what has been imprinted in us from the dawn of time. We see ourselves as we have been created, as heaven breathed, wholly intentional, holy purposeful beings. 

When we have seen ourselves stretch across that yawning chasm of unbelief and fully know that we can breach the walls of doubt, we cross the divide with the substance and evidence of things hoped for. We look back and wonder why on earth we ever let those fireballs of fear stand in our way.

In retrospect, I have tried to negotiate this tug on my heart and soul with intellectual reasoning and foresight when in reality I know that is futile. Futile because the intellect and the heart operate on different plains, they do not see eye to eye and that is the conundrum. How do you live with that duplicity inside of you, the head saying one thing and the heart another? 

Futile because divine purpose has nothing to do with our physical and limited realities. The natural and supernatural operate on different levels, are poles apart. Yet, when meshed with an open heart and a yielded life, blend seamlessly. A heaven seed full of omniscient purpose, when planted in frail humanity takes root in supernatural soul soil beyond all earthly comprehension. When this tiny seed of faith finds its open vessel, It begins tugging the heart in another direction. The heart must hear and the mind MUST align for faith to grow. The faith seed now begins its journey.

I know that ... faith is activated through hearing, but have learnt that, it is only useful when applied through a surrendered heart and a willing life. It is the journey I am still on, the journey of a thousand miles!

Come back tomorrow for 'The journey of a thousand miles'

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