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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Imperfect Living

I am loving this thought at the moment, 'There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others get inspired by how you deal with imperfections.'

There is something powerful about a life out worked on the battle lines of brokenness. To observe a courage that has been ferociously forged in the face of inadequacy is indeed inspiring. Watching a burgeoning life fight a relentless battle, then valiantly push back encroaching enemy lines in their day to day living is compelling. Now that is a life I can learn from.

This life of imperfections continually sets us apart from the absolute ideal, some worldly standard that exists outside of reality. Thus we are often found lacking and wanting. Our flaws open grounds of doubt, lack nudges ever so pressingly. Humanity is bonded in its limits and boundaries, we are all in this together. Vulnerability marks us all, it burns deep. We see the flaws in others and those within ourselves. Some of us open our arms to it and there are those who will close their eyes. Faults are carried like burdens, some will ease that heaviness and others will turn away. 

Our failings give us option to try another way, our flaws the scope to see things differently. We are afforded the chance to forgive and be forgiven. To say sorry and hear it in return, to extend grace and receive it right back. All of this should shine a light upon lack that should not limit us, but draw us together in unity. This rough edge that we share should help us to hold hands in solidarity.

'Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail'. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Imperfections give rise to bravery and occasion to expand and flourish. There are the brave amongst us who rise from disappointment to fly again and still others who will be the wings to help another fly. This ability to strain and stretch, to recover and adjust is found in the toil of resilience. Strength and depth come from this place. This is where life is lived, on the frontlines of adversity. Let's do this thing together!

These imperfections, both the real and imagined, the ones on the inside and those on the outward, reveal raw need in us. They leave us somehow feeling incomplete, and in doing so, point to a yearning for something more. It is this pull that causes us to challenge expectations and pursue an intrinsic path of purpose. If we allow them to, these very shortcomings can become markers of possibility and opportunities for growth. After being bent, compressed or stretched we are more pliable, open and honest. Our story becomes sinew and bones, it breathes hope and purpose. This is a story I want to read.

Our imperfections are perfect for pushing us in directions perfection would never take us. An imperfect journey is the catalyst for change. After all, without our distinct vulnerabilities we would not embrace a new path, different perspectives or others points of view. Our imperfections should not cause us to stall, but should propel us forward and into our future. It is imperfection, not perfection that gives us the chance to choose individually, and to live differently. The imperfect life is full of promise.

 Life isn't about conforming to absolutes or some unmarred utopian way of existing, but rather is all about the gritty, robust resoluteness that embraces raw, honest living. 

Here's to that kind of living!

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