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Sunday, April 26, 2015

I have a confession to make!

I have a confession to make, I am officially addicted to probiotic rich Kombucha tea and am about to brew my own. Crazy, I know! I'm hooked on this amazingly healthy tea. It's weirdly wonderful!

It has been around for more than 2000 years and has rich health benefits for fighting cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases. It starts off as a sugary tea (and comes in any flavour you like - ginger, peach or strawberry) Take your pick! It is then fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast that is so good for you. It is refreshingly fizzy with a hint off sweetness and an underlying tartness that gives the taste buds a real buzz. And yes, I am feeling better than ever before!

I've always been rather health conscious but began to notice that when life became more busy than usual, I tended to snack more often on the wrong things and became more complacent with mealtimes. I also noticed a pattern, at the beginning of holidays (the joys of the teacher life) the crazy long hours of evening marking and late night planning would end only to be replaced with feeling flat for days on end or spent in bed recovering from some new strain of the flu. I lacked energy and felt lethargic. When my body actually slowed down and my mind stopped racing, I ended up flat on my back (not a fun way to start the holidays!) recovering with a box of tissues in one hand and Codral in the other. I realised that I had been eating simply for the pleasure of eating instead of eating to simply nourish and sustain my body. I had to get off the merry go round ... and then I had an epiphany ... being 'over the hill' (aahem!!) was just around the corner. I really needed to make it to the other side. Food suddenly took on greater importance. It became all about being kind to my self.

Thus began the journey with my gut flora. A war had been going on and now I had to win the battle. I learnt about the importance of beneficial bacteria. What, I actually had to tend to these tiny microorganisms so I could optimise my health? Let me tell you, it took some time to get my head around this concept! That first drink of probiotic enriched tea was not an easy skull.

And here I am now on the edge of my probiotic adventure. I have just purchased my first culture kit.

We are growing a colony of good bacteria people! 

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