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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The other side

One year on from Rwanda and life has expanded further and more fully than I could have ever imagined or expected. 

But then, the thoughts of doubt did a merry dance within. I had to quell the doubts that shouted to be heard? Was I, a single mumma with bills to pay willing and ready to follow the call to pack my bags? Could I leave my children once again and heed that still quiet voice wherever it led, even to Rwanda? I felt expectant for the next season but was still waiting for the pieces to align neatly and fit perfectly together.

Was I ready to traipse across the globe to embrace the unknown despite not having the answers I longed for. 
What would be my contribution to Rwanda, to victims of a genocide 20 years on? 
Did my being there really make a difference?  

Was I willing to let go? Would I trust, even when life felt like falling sand? 

Sometimes it only takes one step of faith to find yourself on the other side of all that you hope for. One step of obedience can open the door to dreams quietly biding their time. 

I discovered the truth of a sweet surrender, and that the fullness of life truly is found when we lay it all down in the light of His mercy and grace.

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