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Monday, May 30, 2011

I was just thinking ...

I was just thinking how majestic and otherworldly a thunderstorm really is. It's currently thunder storming here....lightening is streaking across the sky and thunder is echoing in the distance. This kind of weather always make you feel like you want to snuggle down and stay safe indoors. As a kid I use to think that God must be shaken 'Heaven and Earth' as he romped around upstairs. I am still in awe of these spectacular displays .... that such ferocity and intensity comes from the heavens in spectacular displays of beauty and fierceness. Nature has both a raw beauty and serene antiquity to it... it is an ancient glory and splendour that defies belief. Relentless, resounding and magnificent....kind of reminds me of what God is like - truly awe inspiring and ethereal. Love that we get to catch a glimpse of His glory every now and then.

I was just thinking that opportunity is kind of like a door that must be opened. I want my kids to see impossibilities as possibilities...that sometimes opportunity has to be fought for and won....that opportunity while a gift must be unwrapped to be fully appreciated. I took this photo two weeks ago and it speaks to me of opportunity, something I have been discussing with my kids of late. Opportunity comes to us all but we have to open the door and walk though it to fully embrace what lies behind it. What do you see? ... a closed door or one to be opened? When the door is shut do you feel like it would be amiss of you to go further or do you knock upon that door with boldness and audacity? I have been teaching my kids that sometimes life is about pushing through rather than sitting back. That life is waiting for us to enter in, open up and embrace all that we are meant to be.... yes sometimes that requires us to knock so the door can be opened for us..... and when it is...wow - opportunity, purpose and destiny awaits. So when you are faced with a shut door, I would encourage you to knock and find out what awaits you. Open it....push through and step up .....you just never know what opportunity is waiting for you!

Knock and the door shall be opened....seek and you shall find!
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