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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Inspire me' - Casey Wiegand

In today's post - Day Two of 'Inspire me', Casey reveals her heart as the Mother of a baby girl and her hopes for the future. Raising a daughter has made Casey aware of her own insecurities and today she outlines her reasons for facing them NOW! She is seeing herself reflected in the true beauty of her children - the beauty of pure love, sweet innocence and absolute trust. She is delighting in seeing life from a different perspective. In a world bombarded by the beauty industries ideals Casey is finding her confidence in God and forging her hope in something of eternal value.

Anyone else terrified to raise little girls in this day and age? I mean, raising kids in general is a lot of pressure but for some reason I feel like raising little girls is such a delicate matter.

For one, they are sensitive and from a young age have this desire to be
loved, desired, special and beautiful.

Before I had Ainsleigh I started reading "Bringing up Girls" by James Dobson and honestly didn't finish it...BUT took away some very profound truths from this book.

"Little boys want to know, Do I have what it takes? Little Girls want to know, Am I lovely?"

There is so much I wish I could share with you on the differences the book points out in raising the two. It is mind blowing.

What is it about us girls? I will be the first to admit I have countless insecurities. Somewhere along the way I convinced myself that if you were beautiful then you were especially loved. It's everywhere...we get it from media, movies, magazines, dolls.... the list goes on. And it is getting worse by the minute. How do we protect our littles?
How do we value their beauty but also their own identities in Christ?

Something I am learning is how much I will have to watch my own insecurities... like the way I am so hard on myself. How I see only my imperfections and notice what I don't like....the things I want to change. You know how it is! But I don't want these things to rub off on Ainsleigh. Having her has helped me see how God must see me....his child, beautiful to the core. He sees the heart - and Ainsleigh has helped me see this because as a mother that's what I see too. I need to find my confidence in the Lord NOW, before it's too late. I need to stop being hard on myself NOW! ... because she will be watching.

I guest blogged for a new, darling friend recently (at the naptime diaries) and found something so incredibly beautiful and touching in one of her posts... I want to share it with you...

"I never expected that having such a gorgeous daughter would make me feel more comfortable with my outsides, too. But when people say we look alike or that she is just a "mini-Jessi", even though I know she really looks like her Daddy, my heart feels happy and more than thankful to be connected to her. And still... so much more, on the inside - I am just weepingly thankful for the hope in Christ that covers all scars. The inside ones I have that I'm just starting to shed light on. The future ones that I'd give my life to keep her from having. The ones I will try harder than harder to keep from giving her, but I will inevitably, as much as I try not to, leave one or two."

BEAUTIFUL. It is so true. I was talking to a friend recently and the same message was conveyed. When you see yourself in your children, a whole new beauty and affirmation is revealed to you. What an HONOR when people see me in Aiden and Ainsleigh.

Mercy Me

Days will come when you don't have the strength
And all y
ou hear is you're not worth anything
Wondering if you ever could be loved
And if they truly saw your heart
They'd see too much

You're beautiful, You're beautiful
You are made for so much more than all of this
You're beautiful, You're beautiful
You are t
reasured, you are sacred, you are His
You're beautiful

Praying that you have the heart t
o fight
Cuz you are more than what is hurting you tonight
For all the li
es you've held inside so long
But they are nothing in the shadow of the cross

You're beautiful, You're
You are made for so much more than all of this
You're beautiful, You're beautiful
You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His
You're beautiful

Before you ever took a
Long before the world began
all the wonders He possessed
There was one more precious
all the earth and skies above
You're the one He madly loves
Enough to die

You're beautiful,
You're beautiful
In His eyes

Casey x
For more beautiful thoughts check out my post on 'True beauty' and Michelle's post on the importance of our words....and the beauty within here.
Each day I will select one blog/blogger that has connected up with the "Inspire me' project for that day - by way of a comment or post and will highlight this blog the very next day on the new daily post.

Here is the blog I am highlighting today - Michelle Dennis Evans who wrote an article on the importance of our words.....and the beauty within.

Come back tomorrow to check out more inspiring posts on everyday girls living destined, devoted and daring.

destined, devoted, daring

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A Day in the Life... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Yours is CUTE! Looking forward to reading more :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful words Casey.

Thanks for the mention here Kay xx

Jami said...

I read "bringing up Boys" and learned so much. I plan to read the "girls" one as well. This is such an awesome responsibility and I love that we have so many resources. With two girls and two boys I need all the help I can get.

The Tiny Team said...

YES! Sometimes I am overcome with worry when thinking about raising my small one, but I always try to remember that God is in control. If I could I would shield him from all sin, but where is the learning in that, right? Oh my, my little heart needs to rest in the Lord. Thank you for writing and for your words. I want to read "Bringing up boys."


CaseyWiegand said...

youre so sweet to let me guest post! i am honored to be on this beautoful blog written by someone so lovely :) xoxoxox

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