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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not lost

'Not all those who wander are lost' ... I read this thought somewhere recently and it really got me to thinking. 

Because .... It is easy to feel lost in the day to day moments of life. We wander through life and sometimes wonder how on earth we got where we are, like right now ... in this moment! It is easy to feel lost in the piles of washing, the mountains of dishes and the escalating bills. I wish those things could get lost!! 

I often ask myself, 'How on earth did I get here?' (Especially when I am sitting beside my way too confident teenage child learning to drive and I hear my startled high pitched scream leap from somewhere deep within as we narrowly miss the oncoming vehicle ... I am lost for words, did my life just flash before my eyes!)

And so I find that an aimless wander is .... well, very good. Actually, really beneficial!

I am really good at ambling along through life (Sometimes anyway), particularly if there is a magnificent view along a weather beaten track via a coastal hill and a coffee nook at the end (The sort of wandering I most love!)

During certain junctures of life, especially when I NEED to embrace a moment of solitude ... or when life has me in a head lock ... or when push comes to shove and I just have to take a very deep breath, it is then that I actually enjoy wandering (and sincerely wish I really could get lost if but for a moment,  just so I could find myself all over again!)

In all honesty however, my aimless wandering actually brings greater clarity and distinction to my life! (How can that be?) 
It is in this wandering (somewhere unchartered and new ... or just the beach will do) that the mish-mash of spinning thoughts and ideas slowly begin to take shape and form something new, the whirlwind inside my head begins to die down. Then, I give my thoughts permission and the opportunity to sort themselves out, to find their own path, to soar and dive and eventually settle in the well worn grooves of my grey matter. 

Slowly my circling thoughts begin to find a spot to rest. Misplaced moments slot into place. My mind becomes uncluttered, sharper and more focused. My thoughts more even and purposeful. My heart rate slows ... my heart becomes more open. I can reassess, make better decisions and find that elusive significance and purpose. My soul reconnects, I hear the still small voice begging to be heard. 

It is then that I am much more sure of where I am going. The out there and one day dreams still seem such a long way off, but I know that they are out there. Those hopes and dreams and divine realities. The path before me, my path has covered more valleys and mountains than ever anticipated. Yet, when I take a moment to lose myself, to truly lose myself in the loveliness of life, it is then that I discover I really am not lost at all.
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