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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Colour Conference 2012

This years conference exceeded my expectations!! ... we heard  from the lovely Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, both women who are humble in spirit and who possess the exceptional ability to unpack the word of God in a contemporary and relevant way. This years theme centered around the thought ... 'A Revolution of Peace, Light and Love'. It made me think about how I can be these things in my own life and particularly in my sphere of influence, especially at home.

I love how the focus of this global movement of women across the earth is both local and global ... we get to see the big picture at home and on the global stage. As we look at what is in our hand (with our time, talents and treasure) we  can extend the hand of kindness to others wherever we go. We can use these things to bring change into our own world ... whether that is in the global arena or in our very own corner of the earth - our home! I am currently contemplating which cause I will devote my time and energy into supporting and have presented a few ideas to my work colleagues who are keen to join me in raising money for one of the amazing Sisterhood endeavours through the 'Five Hundred' project. (Check it out here)

On the home front however, I am endeavouring to bring a revolution of Peace, Light and Love to the people who live with me - my beautiful children. Being a single mother has obvious pit falls, all of which are covered by the never ending mercy, grace and love of a loving Heavenly Father, however despite my best efforts and good intentions I find myself walking an unexpected path with one of my children as they journey towards finding perfect health and wholeness. As a Mother there is nothing more painful than watching your child experience their own hurt, pain or loss. Not being able to alleviate the pain with a kiss and a bandaid is even more frustrating. The path I now find myself on is very overgrown and scattered with much rubbish and debris. The way through is not clear and obstacles seem insurmountable. It is a lonely journey, yet more than ever I am aware of the deep need to commit to unceasing prayer for my darling ... and as I do so, I commit to bringing a revolution of Peace, Light and Love into their world. 

The Colour Sisterhood is about .... 


so that we can arise from a place of strength and place value upon humanity...


About value and identity, purpose and mission.


that is intentional in reach and embrace. It transcends culture and creed, age and status, prejudice and preference...


that positions itself amid awareness and responsibility


injustice and solution.
A declaration ultimately concerned with the welfare...


and her inhabitants. It has courageously woven its way through time and history.

It is ... ONE LOVE

there is no greater love, than when one lays down their life for another.


keenly involved and committed.


empathy that one woman (or company of women) feel for another; to identify and feel loyalty towards.

visit the Colour Sisterhood here

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caz1975 said...

This year was my 2nd colour and I LOVED it!!! It was so focused on falling more in love with Jesus, finding his peace and flourishing in our own lives to then share that peace with the world, was so simple and yet so profound and I am still processing it. I adored the prayer journal gift too and have been using it already. I haven't been around in blogland for a while but look forward to reading more as your year unfolds :-)

Denise said...

Sounds like an amazing conference that encouraged all women everywhere to shine and share their God-inspired character. What a noble character to live up to! I would love to be an example of peace, kindness, and humility, which I am learning from His word and all the lovely gracious ladies that surround me! :)

Good to read your post this morning! :)
Blessings and hugs,

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Sounds like an amazing and profound concept. This year's conference must have been brilliant, the title alone gives one much to meditate and act upon. Hope to journey to good health for your young one is also one which brings you both closer to each other and our wonderful God.

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