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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joy ... an infinite elation

Joy really is a simple pleasure, a step beyond happiness. Happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes - but joy.....oh how I love joy ... it permeates the soul.

'Joy is a light that fills you with hope and faith and love.' - Adela Rogers St Johns.

Can you remember a time when joy just lit your soul?.... a joy so deep and fulfilling that even the cloudiest day could not overshadow it. I love to be happy, to feel that sweet peaceful feeling that says everything is okay....that the future is sunny and bright and going to be alright. But joy, well joy is another thing altogether. It is a spring of infinite elation, a lively and indulgent merriment that bubbles up from deep within... a great fountain of gaiety and jubilation spurting high in the air... like a colourful balloon skittering across the sky. It is an uncontainable squeal of delight and an exuberant, effervescent and exhilarating consciousness beyond who you are. It lifts you up, twirls you round and dances a rhythmical and frolicking tune across your soul. May we cavort with a delicious and joyful exultation and waltz through the delightful and significant moments of life.

A little bit of Mother's day joy ... captured thanks to my darling girl.

I have experienced lots of joy this week - It has been so fun launching my 'Inspire me' project. I have been crazy busy putting the stories together prior to publishing and have just loved (in an over the moon kind of way) getting to know the amazing women behind some very inspiring blogs...... ordinary girls living in an extraordinary way. Girls like Casey and Jami with real, vulnerable and inspiring messages. I look forward to getting to know so many more of these fabulous woman. There is a wealth of wisdom and inspiration out there. It brings joy to my soul to be able to share stories about women living destined, devoted and daring. Beautiful hearts living significantly...... in the light of eternity.

It has been simply a pleasure.

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